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Jerry Zhang

Every time a jet airliner blasted through the sky, I would join the other 5-year-olds, instantly casting an eager look towards the direction of the sound. Seconds later I would murmur to myself: "Another A320-214 with IAE V2500 engines...", raising a few dubious glances from the passer-bys.

It was my first visit at age fourteen to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport that commenced my relentless pursue of my avaition passion. All of a sudden a giant jet emerged. As it roared and lifted off, the deafening growl resonated in my heart. Observing for the first time a scene that I had only seen in movies and documentaries, I was thrilled by how these elegant machines defied the immutable law of gravity. I have since committed myself to the aviation industry, planning not only to work with my beloved planes but also to better prepare the industry for the future. The visit also stemmed my lifelong friendship with Mason Wang - we encouraged and motivated each other along the way, and the friendship prompted us to keep pursuing our dreams in our respective direction.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I am an experienced aviation photographer that trot the globe for interesting airports. I currently study Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and participate in the NC-121 Wing of the Civil Air Patrol as a Sergeant Major, volunteering in aerospace education and emergency relief.

I love Trijets (jets with three engines), as they exemplify some of the most marvelous engineering technologies utilized in the field of aviation. I have visited dozens of airports already so far, and my favourite airport is Irkutsk (IKT/UIII) for its collection of fantastic Russian beasts.

I also love cello, politics, and travelling. I recently found myself unable to escape from the beauty of Edvard Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor!

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