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About us

We are Mason Wang and Jerry Zhang, two planespotters that are also best friends growing up together in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. The website is created to showcase some of our best photos!

We are passionate about aviation, and this enthusiasm is elucidated in the form of planespotting, a hobby that involves taking pictures of aircraft at various airports. This hobby originates from a casual visit to the airport. We were fascinated by the fact that those 200-ton steel machines could be brought up by the culmination of human wisdom, technology, and engineering, and we have dedicated to the field of aviation since then. However, Mason and Jerry have chosen different approaches to the aviation. Mason decided to be a professional  photographer, while Jerry studied engineering to contribute his part.

It has been almost five years since our first "planespotting" trip to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. However, our passion and enthusiasm never dimed, and our love for planes would live on!

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